RIP Pin It To Win It: A Practical Guide To Pinterest’s Contest Requirements

SoMeLaw Thoughts

PitwitombstonePin It To Win It contests are dead.  At least in the format most people are used to.  In a way, they can continue by eliminating just one word–the second “It.”  If you want to know why, this guide should help you understand.

This all came about when a well-respected blogger and marketer, Amy Bair of Resourceful Mommy, received notice that the Pinning Parties she held for various clients were violating Pinterest’s terms.  I had the opportunity to speak with Amy in the midst of some back and forth with her and Pinterest and I’m glad to see some additional guidance come from Pinterest in terms of emphasizing the rules they have put in place and how they will enforce them.  Here’s Pinterest’s latest blog post on the subject and their Acceptable Use Policy which contains the contest restrictions.  I’ve prepared this guide to give some additional practical guidance…

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